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Friday, 19 August 2016

When the Halloween is been celebrated

When the Halloween is been celebrated :  hello folks so here we are with some information for people who don't know much about the scary day.the day of halloween celebration is 31 of october,the halloween day is a holiday in the some parts of the globe  The Halloween is a traditional activity as on this day the people do activities such as trick-or-treaking, as it is celebrated late night the people also burn bonfires, different varieties of costumes are being worn during the Halloween Party.The people also have the tradition of visiting the haunted places and houses and craving jack-o-lanterns.  In late 20th Century som of the Western countries embraced this day as a holiday, these countries also include United States, Ireland, Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

From the ancient Celtic festival times halloween has its existence, during that era it was known as Samhain.In the Gaelic culture, the festival of Samhain is a celebration which is celebrated at the end of harvest season.During the festival the people used to wear mask and costumes in an attempt resemble or look alike the evil spirits, this tradition is followed even now by the people as we can see in the Halloween festival worldwide.

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