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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Halloween 2016 Costume Ideas for College friends

Halloween parties are common in the United States as well as in many colleges around the world. Colleges like Thapar University, Punjab, India celebrates Halloween 2016 with Halloween party, where college students dress up for Halloween party.

So, For college students and school students here are some Scary Halloween 2016 Costume Ideas for student groups. These costumes are hand picked for College Student Halloween 2016 Party.

In my college, there was Halloween party in 2015 and it was not so good because students were not dressed up that scary or fancy. So, after that party, I extracted some cool group costume ideas for Halloween 2016. I'm publishing this article for college Halloween parties to make their parties best in town.

Funny group Halloween 2016 costumes for college friends

These are some of the best Halloween 2016 costumes for groups, specially when it's your squad. Make it happen this Halloween and be the cool group of your college.

Sexy Halloween 2016 Nail Art for sexy girls

Make your campus look scary with pumpkin carving. Check some Scary and funny pumpkin carving ideas

Happy Halloween 2016

Stay tuned for Halloween party themes 2016


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